Best Super Bowl Commercials

The hours of planning all throughout the season, taking on the competition to get to one day of the year when you put it all on the line for a shot at greatness. You send in your best lineup into the Super Bowl for a chance at taking home the coveted prize. We are talking of course about the advertisements that air during the big game. Sure there is a football game but on this one day, people tune in not for the touchdown or the interceptions but for the commercials. Lets take a look at a few of these that have stood out over the years.

Diet Pepsi Super Bowl XXV 1991
This would go down as being one of the best ads for the 1991 Super Bowl it featured singer Ray Charles with some very beautiful back up singers singing “You Got the Right One Baby.” it would go on to create a lot of popularity and helped Pepsi see an increase in the amount of Diet Pepsi sold.

Super Bowl XLIV 2010
Betty White playing backyard football in a Snickers commercial would be something that a lot of people would find hard to forget. Ever since the company came up with the “You’re not You when You’re Hungry” promotion, there have been a number of celebrities that have made cameos in these commercials. Betty White and Abe Vigoda this one year made a lasting impression on the American people.

Reebok Super Bowl XXXVII 2003
Ever wondered what would happen if a linebacker was allowed to keep law and order in the office, so did the people at Reebok and in 2003 we all discovered that the results were quite painful if you broke the rules.

Pepsi Super Bowl XXVI 1992
When we all saw Cindy Crawford in the Pepsi commercial, heads were turned. It was the other star of the commercial that had us all amazed at the sheer beauty. Who knew that a new Pepsi can could look so beautiful. Cindy Crawford was not bad as well.

Apple Computer Super Bowl XVII 1984
This was one of those commercials that you remember where you were when you saw it. It has become a part of pop culture and in 1984, few people knew that Apple Computer would be the monolith that it is today. Back then the big innovation was the Macintosh computer. This was back then a game changer and the commercial will live on in greatness for a great number of years.

Coca Cola Super Bowl XIV 1980
The best commercial for sure has to be the “Mean” Joe Green spot from Super Bowl XIV. This is a commercial that even today is still recognized when it is shown during highlights of commercials. This was a gamble by Coca-Cola and it paid off in a big way for them. Not since their Christmas Polar Bears has a promotion be so widely popular. It showed that even football players have a soft side. This will live on in the history books as a commercial that will be immortal.

While this list can easily be debated, we can all agree some of these spots are advertisement gold and are part of pop culture. Will we see another commercial this year that takes its place alongside these legends? What we do know is that the Super Bowl will force companies to put their best foot forward when it comes to getting a spot that will be iconic as the years pass in Super Bowl Commercial land. All it takes is one little strike of genius and a company has become a part of pop culture and will be talked about for a very long time to come.