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How Much Do Super Bowl Commercials Cost?

How Much Do Super Bowl Commercials Cost? And Why Are They So Expensive?  Ever wonder why Super Bowl commercials are so costly? Well, it’s all about exposure and location. The number of television viewers on Super Bowl Sunday is so high it amounts to years worth of regular advertising exposure. However, that creates a supply […]

Biggest Endorsement Deals in Sports History

Athletes make a lot of money from playing their sport. It is nothing to read about a professional sports player signing a multimillion dollar contract. Athletes make even more money from their endorsement deals. When an athlete endorses a product they can make even more money than they do playing the sports. These are some […]

Best Super Bowl Commercials

The hours of planning all throughout the season, taking on the competition to get to one day of the year when you put it all on the line for a shot at greatness. You send in your best lineup into the Super Bowl for a chance at taking home the coveted prize. We are talking […]

5 Most Marketable NBA Players of All-Time

Sports is an All-American pastime enjoyed by citizens across the country. It’s no doubt today’s youth and sports enthusiasts idolize athletes on a regular basis. Scouts and agents scour the professional ranks for players that are marketable and can impact sales. Player’s within the National Basketball Association(NBA) are no exception to this trend. The NBA […]